Make Music New Jersey is a celebration of the start of summer and the timing was perfect. The weather was hot and sunny for the longest day of the year.

Our first event was a smash hit, with a full house by the end of the evening. There were 2 stages in rotation, one outdoors and the other inside, so musicians could set up without disturbing an ongoing performance.

Here is a video clip of the first performer, Scott Patire. Scott is a New Jersey musician and assembled an awesome solo rig that he played. This is a piece called “The Drones”.

Plenty of other video is online of the day’s performers:

  • Scott Patire’s other performances Something Just Don’t Seem the Same and an untitled piece.
  • A longer dreamy piece by Symmetry (Jose Murcia).
  • Three pieces by composer Nicolas Melmann, who was on a U.S. tour from Argentina. Nicolas wrapped up the evening with this shorter composition, a longer piece that moves through many moods and a final coda that reprised some earlier themes.

Also performing were local favorites ArtCrime and a new group called Sparse, though we missed getting video of their performances.

Make Music New Jersey is affiliated with the Fête de la Musique organization in France. The celebration of music on June 21 got started there, and now they have mentioned our plucky group on the main web site.

We hope you’ll drop by the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse on Friday evening, June 21 and hear a fun variety of FREE experimental and electronic music. The range of talent includes local composers as well as performers from as far away as Argentina!

Ivanhoe Wheelhouse

The Wheelhouse in Paterson’s Historic District.

The main show for Make Music New Jersey 2013 will be a mini-festival of experimental and electronic music in Paterson, NJ on Friday, June 21. This evening will be presented by musiXplore at the Ivanhoe Wheelhouse, 4 Spruce Street in the Historic District of Paterson.

Headlining the show will Nicolas Melmann from Argentina and local favorites ArtCrime.

Other artists will include Symmetry (Jose Murcia), Scott Patire and Sparse (Gianni Intili, Richard Hruska, Dave Barry and Paul Santucci). The show will begin at 6pm and run until 10pm. If weather permits, the performance will take place outdoors on the Ivanhoe patio. And like all MMNJ performances, it’s FREE, FREE, FREE!

A global celebration of music making, free.

Following the tremendous success of Make Music NY, a network of New Jersey residents has started Make Music NJ (MMNJ) which will take place on Summer Solstice, Friday June 21, 2013 throughout NJ. MMNJ will take place simultaneously with similar festivities in more than 460 cities around the world.

The Make Music concept is to make your city a huge, free celebration of music-making open to anyone who wants to take part, and enjoyed by everyone who wants to attend. Musicians – professional and amateur, neighbors and friends, kids and adults – from every country, tradition, background, and style – are all encouraged to join in on your own porch, front and backyards, in schools, community centers, cultural organizations, and businesses.  Just keep it legal, safe, unamplified (unless you have permission from your town and your neighbors) and between the hours of 5-9pm.

We will be creating a database where you can tell us what you’ll be doing, when and where.  We will list all events taking place throughout New Jersey and we will provide all participants a banner to place in front of their house so their communities will know they can expect to hear music.

Each participant is responsible for their own event.  MMNJ is just beginning as an organization and is solely created to encourage music making on Summer Solstice. We are not organizing events, but we are here to help you do that yourself.  Please check with your local community board or town hall to discuss permits and other issues.

Please join our email list for news, info and details, and check back here often.

To find out more about the mother event Make Music NY.