Make Music New Jersey welcomes musicians, rappers and instrumentalists of any and all types to collaborate on making June 21 a musical masterpiece for thousands of performers and audience members. Church choirs, glee clubs, vocal quartets, MCs, marching bands, solo acts or combos are all welcome.

To join MMNJ, please send a description of your music, how many people are in your group and at what city / neighborhood / address you plan to perform. If you’re unsure where you might perform, give us a list of the cities you’d be willing to travel to on June 21 and we’ll try to connect you with a host that can provide a venue. If you have a website, sample MP3 or YouTube of your work, include a link when you sign up. Once we’ve approved you as a Make Music New Jersey artist, we’ll feature you on our website, include your performance location on our MMNJ Music Map for audiences to find you and provide you with a banner to let your community they should come by to hear you perform.

Artists performing as part of MMNJ must schedule their music to take place between 5:00pm and 9:00pm on June 21. Please note that MMNJ artists must be prepared to play without amplification, must adhere to local and state laws regarding live, out-of-doors performance and will be held personally responsible for their own performances. If you have any questions regarding general legality of public performance, contact us and we’ll do our best to provide you with information about what’s legal in your area.

Want to find out more? Fill out the contact form here.